Case Studies

Forward-thinking organizations & businesses use Responsive Web Design

Barack Obama: The Online Fundraising Machine


Barack Obama understands the importance of reaching an online audience - in his 2008 Presidential election campaign he raised over $500 million online.  When building the new website for his 2012 re-election campaign, his team recognized that today an online audience is a mobile audience, and used responsive design to ensure that his entire site, including online store and campaign donation section, works seamlessly on any mobile or tablet device.

Website Features: 
  • Detailed content about his platform, position on issues, and team
  • State-specific campaign information and local volunteer signup
  • Blog & Social Media Syndication
  • Online store with payment processing
  • Online donation system with payment processing
What Works: 
  • Overall strong user experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Three-state responsive design prioritizes content and adapts layout for different widths/sizes of devices
  • On mobile version, navigation bar collapses into Facebook-style menu button to save vertical space
  • Online store works well on different-sized devices
What Could be Improved: 

The content included in the mobile version have been rather aggressively trimmed when compared to the desktop version. The Store is removed while other elements like the lengthy blog posts remain in full.

The Result: 

An excellent example of successful use of responsive design on a commerce-related website.